Annette and Jules

The short "Brighton," dir. Amanda Hanna-McLeer, is about a mother and daughter navigating the changes in their relationship, and a wonderful portrait of Brooklyn in summer by a filmmaker intimately acquainted with both.

Since the film was set at Brighton Beach, which basically dresses itself, my work here was more focused on developing Annette and Jules' respective looks, and outfitting them with the right costumes and props. Annette is a young mother, and while she feels slightly self-conscious about her body, she's confident and eager to fall in love. Jules, on the other hand, is more reserved, and is preparing to go to an art college in the fall.

Amanda has a specific, almost tender aesthetic that runs through all her films, and so she already had a sense of the colors she wanted represented and the general personality of each object. My job was to find the right "classic American lawn-chair," and "cute pink bikini," and make sure the styles and colors didn't clash, while also making sense as objects the characters would own.

We had a stroke of luck with Jules' blanket, because I didn't spot that fabric until I was already on my way up to the cash register with a different colored bolt entirely. We weren't even sure it would work out with Jule's dreamy pink one-piece, so I provided several other fabric colors to try it out with. Thankfully, it worked out perfectly.

Finally, I had a lot of fun designing a fake spread for the fashion magazine Annette pages through while talking to Jules. At one point she subtly poses like the model. Because of copyright issues, I can't actually tell you which of the real fashion magazines I inserted the spread into, so you'll just have to take my word for it when I tell you that the text design and article content was directly inspired by the real cover.