Little Narwhal

Concept Art and Design Research



Libby experiences several miscarriages over the course of the narrative feature, "Little Narwhal." As a journalist, she begins looking for patterns and collecting data, and eventually puts all of it up on her wall as a physical fertility calendar.

For one shot, director Jacob Okada wanted to shoot "through" the wall so we could see Libby's face studying the calendar, with the data superimposed over her face. I spent several sessions working with DOP Justin Montgomery to develop the setup. After coming up with several structural and visual iterations, we decided that the best system was to suspend a sheet of clear acrylic in front of the camera, with pages from the calendar printed on clear acetate taped to the surface. This maintained the visual integrity of the original calendar, without the opaqueness of the actual paper calendar pages.




A selection of set design concept renderings. The first is a digital photomontage of Libby's apartment after she falls in love, the second is a concept sketch of the interior of a party scene when two characters are children, and the third image is another photomontage of Libby's apartment after the miscarriages, when she's covering the walls with her fertility calendar.