Home as a sanctuary and a prison.

“Recessive,” is the working title for an experimental documentary collaboration in progress between myself, Samuel Geiger, and Lauryn Welch. “Recessive,” is a window into Sam's experience living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a painful connective tissue disorder that limits his mobility and functionality.

We are compositing Lauryn’s colorful acrylic paintings into live-action documentary footage in order to portray Sam’s inner world; each scene will be a combination of painting and video, woven together into a space that mixes emotion and reality. Because Sam’s illness limits his mobility, we’re focusing on portraying the spaces he has agency over: his room, his garden, his art studio. These spaces are his home, yet he also feels trapped by them.

The video above is a series compositing experiments for the technique that will be applied in the completed film.