A short video advocating for an undocumented mother who chose to go into sanctuary at a church to avoid deportation. For the Community Resource Center, Mamaroneck, NY.



A portrait of painter Lauryn Welch’s studio. Produced for Art Prof, a free, online educational platform for visual arts for people of all ages and means.



A steel and glass sculpture logging exterior sunlight conditions and responding with dynamic lighting and shadows. Commissioned by artist Cheryl Wing Zi Wong and the District of Columbia’s Percent for Art program.


Night Witches

Shorts from an ongoing collaboration with the producers of the new play, "Night Witches." Based off the incredible true story of the Soviet 46th Guards Night Bomber Regiment during World War II, the piece was devised over the course of a month long residency at Ground Rush Farms in Culpeper, Virginia.


Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Zoe Lohmann and Eloise participated in a video residency at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust on the island of Jersey in the UK in 2015. While there, they noticed that the gorillas and orang-utans at the wildlife park became guarded and suspicious as soon as they saw the camera.

With the help of Jon Stark, one of the ape experts at Durrell, they came up with a solution to the problem: they bolted Eloise’s GoPro camera into a Pelican Case filled with raisins, with a hole cut out for the lens, and threw it into the apes' enclosures.


The Martin Luther King Institute for Nonviolence

The MLK Institute for Nonviolence teaches the history and philosophy of the Civil Rights movement by hosting workshops, programming speakers, holding community events, and maintaining the MLK Freedom Library in White Plains, NY.