The Room of Silence


"I've never been in a place where I've been more confused about race in my entire life."

My senior year at RISD, I collaborated with the student group Black Artists and Designers (B.A.A.D.) to document the difficulties faced by students of color at our predominantly white art school. To ensure the student's privacy, their names have not been included in this cut.

We released “The Room of Silence” to the community on social media. It went viral in a matter of minutes, raising support for a rally scheduled two days later (”Not Your Token”), and attracting the attention of local newspapers. In response, the administration established a committee to reform marginalization on campus. Moreover, it began a dialogue about race where previously there had only been frustrating silence.

Since then, the video has been screened at universities around the world in order to start the same conversations, including SAIC, Pacific Northwest College of Art, and MassArt.

Contact me through my website if you would like to arrange a screening. In the spirit of the original project, use of the video is completely free of charge. You may post it to any platform as long as you share attribution and let me know that you are doing so. I'm also happy to connect those with questions to the interviewees, within reason.